Concrete Stencil

For stunning paving results without a stunningly high price tag, look into stencilcrete. What is stencilcrete? Short for “stencilled concrete”, stencilcrete is the process of creating patterns in concrete using stencils. Using a variety of techniques, expert concreters add colour, texture and depth to a concreted surface, achieving virtually any look you desire.

The Stencilcrete process

A team of concreting specialists work together to create a stencilled concrete surface. Usually, stencilcrete is applied to an existing concrete slab. Before the process can begin, the team will pressure clean and repair the concrete as needed. When the surface is ready:

  • A layer of concrete is poured and levelled.
  • The selected stencil pattern is carefully laid over the wet concrete and pressed into the surface with a roller.
  • A coloured powder is distributed evenly over the surface and pressed into the concrete with a special applicator.
  • Detailing and finish work is done with trowels.
  • A second coat of colour is applied with rollers.
  • The stencil is removed.
  • Concrete sealer is applied.

Other techniques are used as well to create texture or additional colour.